What do clients have to say:

“I loved how easy your instructions were to understand." - Amy A.

"I don't know if we would have been able to keep our dog without Stephanie's patience and help." - Penny L.

"Your class was wonderful and I will highly recommend you.  If we need further help in the future, we will be returning to you for training!" - Aaron G.

Stephanie has been a life saver for us and our dogs! Our dogs were adults who had not received any prior training when we adopted them so we had quite a few behavioral problems to address. Stephanie uses positive reinforcement based training to help you and your dogs be successful. She has helped us solve pretty much every behavioral issue: from mouthing, to reactivity, to polite leash walking, proper greeting and so much more. Whether you are just looking for basic training or work with a behavioral issue, Stephanie has got you covered.   - Dayna R.

I've taken several classes with Barksburg now, and am pleased with my dog's progress toward becoming a mannerly, well-behaved pet!  - Sally S. 

Stephanie uses positive reinforcement techniques and allows for individual customization of training methods. I have taken several rescued dogs through her classes with great success.  - MaryEllen J.

Stephanie's solid foundation of dog training knowledge and her willingness to continue researching/learning new ways to help dogs with a variety of needs make her a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their life and relationship with their dogs. She offers both group classes and private lessons at reasonable prices. Whether you're dealing with major behavioral issues or simply looking to start the basics with your pup, Stephanie can help you reach your goals.  - Aubrey L.

Thank you again! I wanted to let you know that I feel a huge feeling of relief after our sessions and going forward!! Skel, Surge and I have made a lot of progress; but I also know that we have a lot more potential thanks to you. I cannot even begin to say thank you enough!  - Annemarie B.